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May 2, 2020: Crotchet Mask Extenders


Today has been a good day.

I started off with a long walk in the beautiful Florida sunshine and came home to a breakfast of homemade tofu chunks made with Tamari and nutritional yeast. The key was baking them for long enough that they would become chewy. Mmm good!

Then, I painted an inexpensive white tile, let it dry and sprayed it with special varnish so it would be heat-proof for use as a coaster for my morning coffee. (I added felt to the bottom to protect my furniture!)

Feeling satisfied with my tile project, I proceeded to straighten the house and then, got a call from my friend Carla. Among other things, she shared that she had received a crocheted mask extender as a gift which helps the wearer avoid irritation from a healthcare mask’s elastic.

Carla’s company, Heart of Hospice, opened the first COVID-19 hospice inpatient unit in the country in New Orleans and did it in only 8 days. Needless to say, Carla’s team was also grateful for the mask extenders they were gifted with, too, as they worked long shifts to take care of their patients wearing their masks all day. .

I had never heard of a mask extender before so, of course, I had to look it up and then, try to crochet one myself. I went online and found simple directions to follow:

You can see my results: small, medium and large!

I was pretty proud of myself for finding a new thing to do today that turned out fairly well and seems pretty useful. I look forward to trying an extender with a mask when I finally exit the house to venture back into the world outside of my neighborhood.

Later in the afternoon, I participated in a social-distancing get-together with my neighbors that is becoming a weekly event. We break out the lawn chairs, sit 6 to 8 feet apart and chat about whatever comes up. Nice to have in-person human contact!

It is ironic though that in this time of isolation, I have met people on my block that I never knew before.

That’s it for today. Looking forward to a new day tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “May 2, 2020: Crotchet Mask Extenders

  1. awesome!


  2. That is all so wonderful! I want masks extenders! Can’t believe you made this so quickly. You are amazing!


  3. very cool!


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